Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 30: Ayaya!

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Inspired by Christy-Essien, the late Nigeria’s Lady of Songs.
Ayaya means “beautiful” in Ibibio, one of Nigeria’s several dialects.

Give me a chance is all I ask
And as time turns a page, you’ll witness my person enhanced.
Just one solitary chance is all,
And I’ll deliver, my life will be a ball.
I’ll take my chances, go it alone. Just don’t play that card.
You see, it’s my call; so step back and I’ll perfect my act.

Ayaya, my life ayaya (my life is beautiful).
I ain’t need no more drama;
I’m sick and tired of sticking with the program.

Give me a chance and watch me go.
I’ve been in the wait so long I’ll explode
If I delay one moment further.
I’ll take it anyhow I get it though, it weighs down on my shoulder.
I ripped off the veil of stigma and prevailed against the throe.
I am ready; give me a chance and let me grow.

Ayaya, my life ayaya.
I ain’t need no more drama;
I’m sick and tired of sticking with the program.


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Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 29: Soulforce

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When you hit that personal terminal
All your wishes and hopes rush at you like wild animals.
You can even reach out and touch your dream.
Cause yeah, it becomes literally and practically animated.
There is a captivating fact about reaching destination;
It's a definition of the individual void of inessential interruption.
It’s the turning point of an entire life, the power of a billion suns
At your fingertips; the climax of fulfillment on the fringes of your mind.
Cause you have thru fear and trembling, gained a customized paradise.
As you wade in the water, the sensation gets you high,
You observe meaning in the dark side of the moon.
You have arrived and rivers of tranquility cuddle and pamper you.

Everybody falls for something at some point in the race of life.
It might dock you on a peaceful shore or haul in the storms of strife.
Still nobody dares deny the evidence of that special something; inspired
Just about the size of a morsel of desire,
That ignites your passion and overrides your senses like a consuming fire
Giving verve to your dreams and on rare occasions, exhibiting
A knack for running along and rendering you disarmed and incomplete.
I have stumbled on the verge of discovery
The surprising thing is I was slighted by the cause of searching.
What is it I search for?
That my soul will not exist but fall for?
If I am to nail it at every turn of the road, I cannot tell for sure.

But I must continue searching though it brings me to my knees.
Because it burns within my heart like hot embers, impossible to resist.
Once again, I’m headed down the long and winding itinerary,
The place where desire is born, not knowing exactly what I might find,
Yet determined to never give it up until I bind.
Because the tragedy is not to die but to be wasted.
No other ill could more effectively root on a crippled life.
I have pasted my ears to eternity and I wear my heart like a bracelet.


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 28: Somebodyness

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I am at a point in my life where something needs to click for me.
I reckon since I’m stuck in this game, it’s time I define who I be.
Haste is not the point at the moment; I am in no hurry.
Though, time has become quite the care; I’m trapped in its workings
Like a sparrow in a cage.
I must take faith’s leap; I’ve arrived at the decisive stage,
Or sink into a calamitous river of ruin.
But first, I gatto learn to brave the ever-shifting wind of doctrine
Before they retrieve my bones six feet from under the Sahara’s dune.
This level marks a new beginning for the individual within;
I gatto find the one thing that will work but just for me.
Then, gladly plunge my soul into it.

If tomorrow takes forever in coming,
I’ll throw off the past, strap on my gear, and get the present going.
I would rather not entertain static and introduce the agony of rut into my years.
I hear the summons of purpose come thru crystal clear
I’m achieving everything I’m called to be, I feel I’m almost there.
Deeply in earnest, I am persuaded to declare:
I will allow no silly thing alter the chosen course of my rising
Until my destiny is complete.
I pursue a cause to get my life on point.
I cling to my karma like one would grasp at a principle.
In a time when all the functions are out of joint
Regardless of the sad hellos and sweet adieus in bogus chronicles

I present myself equal to the task and with every trampling, I rise.
I set the sun ablaze with the radiance of my aura, I’m beyond compromise.
Complete like a set of Divinity’s tools, I remain effectively unshakeable.
Predestined to a point I just can’t lose. It’s irrevocable.
But am I asking too much to be abandoned to my destiny?
Does it come across as an element of mutiny cause I seek the accomplished life?
Each time I ride the lonely path, how come I seem to inspire multiplied strife?
I’m just trying to play my part while constructing that unique personality
I’ve come to acknowledge as the real me in an endless sea of humanity.
I’m practically walking thru walls defying impossibility
But compromise seems to be the rule of the majority.
I asked to be left alone and you gave me a name.

Yet, you just can’t see me trudging thru on my own and that’s a shame.
Cause no human can perform the least instruction in the book of my destiny
Surely, not I, if I renounced my identity.
And here’s something all this rush has taught me to never forget:
And that’s besides glorying in the faith that looks thru death,
On the road to somebodyness the keyword is respect.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 27: Conceit

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A single road forked in a yellowed wood,
The unfolding read like a mellow book
For the visually impaired.
Open secrets are designed to trap all existing without a care.
So I pick up the pieces of the puzzles of the life
I discarded on my path to strife.
And I count my losses,
As I get off my high horses.
Will be the reward of all machinery of persecution.
I lay down my baton
Like a beat up penitentiary warden
And pick up my courage,
Ammunition and a multiplication of soulja rage.
Now on the streets, everybody that see me
They really wanna be me, cause the degree
Of the set of ideals I accomplish
Are exotic treasures to relish.
A breath in the wind
Is the measure of the adversary’s wit.
I pull myself together, like a dose of forever
And straddle momentum like a speedometer.
My reality speaks like an oracle
Forcing eternity to pierce the temporal with its tentacle.
In a most profound way,
It inspires thoughts of better days.
I have compromised the vanity of people-hating
For the exquisite beauty of ingenuity;
I was born of desperate fury;
A seed of the poetic glory.
My triumph will invent a unique existence,
And tear up every wall of resistance.
In a nutshell,
The days of my life will amaze, will daze
Like a fairytale’s spell.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 26: Fierce Urgency

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In the eyes of my mind,
I contemplate the vast proportions of the mystery of the needle.
Beyond all the trite inconsistencies of life, I realize
There’s a method to solving Fate’s ineluctable riddle.
My fears unleash me
Into a realm bounded by unbelievable possibilities,
Over and above the dimension of unmitigated stupidity.
The finish line divides the track before my sites
Like superficial streams; the aftermath of violent rain.
And as fierce as an aggressive fight,
Personal rage engages pain.
System is insane.
I begin all over again
After the flip of the last page,
Pulling out all the stops for past and present struggles
And utilizing them as frame of reference.
Reminiscing about the hurdles;
Stitches of memory interwoven complete as a sentence.
Every hunch of progress is a pronouncement of vengeance
On the days of living constantly at tiptoe stance.
My fury breathes a life
That is stronger than a lie,
To initiate a war where courage blends
And intervolves with fear to install an expected end.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 25: Signs of Majesty

Wednesday Walk
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I wait not for what man can give,
I never spared a care anyway.
Cause what a man can give,
A man can take away.
And I will not be relieved
Of the gift I received.
On my two firm feet
I will stand above the elements of defeat.
And conquer a cavalry of conceit.
But in the meanwhile, I will not be subjected by limits.
And until my glory is complete,
My valiant struggles will be replete,
And my prophecies ain’t gon’ deplete.
Thus, I thrive like a seed
Planted by the seven streams.
My tide will neither ebb nor recede.
Instead I will multiply like reed
Beside the Nile till all eyes crave to read
The memories of the myself of me,
And righteously covet my dream.
Cause I intend to exceed
Every single expectation, indefinitely reseed
And ravel out a mystery that’s been prevailing
Before the foundation of the world came to be.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 24: Broken Chains

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Self-deceit is a foulmouthed teller of lies.
I am one to tell since I been thoroughly baptized
Into the order of his unfortunate fellowship.
And I’ve been duly done in by surface relationships.
Cause I been
Racing against walls by all means invisible,
Tripping over rocks that were remotely mental,
So eventually I got unstable
By leaning my strength on things inconsequential.
Erratic tendencies
Been the bane of my struggles, from my spot on a ledge facing the future,
The past returns to haunt me like the hordes of nemesis.
You tell me, what soul suffers a seizure
At the invasion of delectable ecstasies?
My mind is all worked up
At the very instance of peace;
I hear the voices of the storm
In the perfect center of tranquility.
I conquer wars
Only to fuss over a battle,
Tilting at windmills
As easily startled as cattle.
I searched for answers in winds
That cooked up a tempest in a teacup.
My entire faculty experiences disequilibrium
Cause it’s taunted by a faceless, nameless crowd.
But all the while broken chains is all…
I know how stupid that sound
But broken chains is all…
Though, my mind still argues against it now,
I know beyond a doubt
Broken chains is all that held me bound.

And it’s straight out o’ the horse’ mouth,
Broken chains is all that held me down.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 23: Difficult Days

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The summer has passed, the harvest has ended but, we are not saved.
Sleepy leaves rustle as zephyr’s breath deftly turns the page,
Marshaling out the last article of daylight;
Another 24 neutralized.
Dilemma illustrates the dressing room of my soul
The aftermath is in small stages, grabbing a foothold.
Seeds of corrupt tendencies tell tales
Of the loss of compassion’s strum.
The dawn unveils
The spirit of warriors forlorn.
These are days of pain
But I’m not one to pass the buck or to blame.
Can’t get stuck with what the system made me;
Ain’t gon’ let the hate diagrams be my taste buds’ appeal.
Surviving in this death game means finding our way back home
Before darkness like a mighty army plunders the spoils of the soul,
And sequesters the residuum of subdued courage.
Falsity holds the control stick in this hour of nature’s eclipse
Like a terrorist manipulates his hostage.
The entrance of morning light is like a slow painful creep;
The essence of life pines away silenced in solitary.
Ill wind is blowing again,
An anniversary of misery,
A jaunt through referred pain.
That’s the succinct recital of ever day living.
There exists a constant fearful yield to the enemies of the race of man
In a time that witnesses the light of hope dimming.
Labor of love has lost its appeal for the man of valiance.
We may have sold off our souls beyond redeeming.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 22: Soul Odyssey

Photo: guardian.co.uk

For Mali

We run a race of an unmarked finish line
On a track spiked like the back of a porcupine.
Men lacking the capacity for deep feeling conceived the ruthless disease
Holding out the pot of honey only to buzz and sting like bees.
Souls of mankind stranded in a maze.
The only way out is the hard way,
Cause a hint of achievement sparks up a rat race.
As human souls are absorbed by constant warfare
A state of emergency charges up the atmosphere.
It’s easy to get in but a different story getting out.
If anybody’s ever going to survive this stint is still a case in doubt.
Frustration is modus operandi
And all vanities are stretched to the extreme.
These are the times it’s almost logical
That the very core of men’s intent turns diabolical.
The race course runs through the depths of pain.
In this situation, hate seems the natural diagram to paint.
Every milestone covered commands fear to a certain degree,
We have been brought down on bended knee
And pulling it through is like the labors of Hercules.
Existing in this life is a picture perfect painting of the apocalypse.
Is there hope of a point in time a hiatus would emerge?
Cause truth is mortalized and all ethical motive sabotaged.
As a consequence for the suffering comes bitching
To devastate every sense of rationality.
If mortals are indeed architects of their own destiny,
Then right here, right now, we are from the least to the greatest, history.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 21: 1,000 Walls

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1,000 walls
Complected and aligned side to side
Could not cripple my intellectual function,
Neither flush the fire in my fight.
I am a rage, who is hyperventilating,
My dream is a doped up athlete that’s a-running.

My path is flooded with everlasting light.
Like a river overflowing its bank,
Plus, there is no ebb in my tide.
I set my radar and even if it be on a plank
I will make it to the other side,
I’m crossing over the deluge of impossibilities.

Then I will morph my solitary fantasy
Into a million stunning realities.
Persecuted to perfection,
Emancipated from soul corruption,
My faculty is alienated from random contradiction.
I have been ransomed by the challenges I’ve gone through;

Redeemed from the clutches of mortal damage
To be reinvented from raw stuff with brand new tissue.
My entire system illuminated, my senses engaged.
Fervor mutating from fear,
Uncertainty conceiving courage to dare,
Fading luster, daunted hopes, stunted faith,

And pain magnified, all worked in mysterious ways
To resurrect a phoenix from his pile of ashes.
A special delivery from emissaries of grace
Distributing sheaves of goodness in deliberate flashes.
I am tomorrow’s today,
What else could I say?

I produce a shine that blinds the sun;
I am a hereafter that exhales through an offed past;
I am like the weed which develops buds to blossom
Roses straight out from a concrete’s crack.
I am a cool cup of water in scorching heat;
I am a practical phenom who defies analytic thinking.

I am like a moment of bliss that keeps up unceasing;
I am rage engulfed by passion;
I am a raw, deep emotion.
I am originality walking, breathing in the flesh of man
This is who I am,
It is all I could ever hope to be or have.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 20: Manual Disconnect

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Straight out o’ the shadows of my past
I emerge like a torn off branch flung up by a blast,
And I invade the world’s stage like a seasoned cast,
As I rewrite my history, skillfully.
Touched not by the scars of slavery
But by the elements of mastery.
I have been forged by a unique pedigree
One whose entire bloodline has been kings.

I present my case
As one of a profoundly celebrated race;
And in this place of shame and disgrace
I have attained a special state of genuine grace.
A beautiful, reputable brew of Negro
Molded by circumstances I survived into human ammo.
Cause I heeded the voice calling beyond the heat of the inferno.
The days of my life are like a totem pole:

Every exhale represents something; I’m game.
I’m about erasing the account of shame,
And purging the stigma set on a name.
I am yesterday that will not vanish from memory;
I am today that persists indefinitely;
I am tomorrow, I am symbol of immortality.
The darkest phase of an eclipse,
I have ascended within a prophecy

To manifest as an article of potency.
And like an authentic, personified apocalypse,
I annihilate the blinded course of hypocrisy.
I have come to accept the reality of who I am;
A concrete representation of the Son of Man.
I multiply in billions like dust in the harmattan.
I pulled the plug on anything that stands against my identity,
And charged my faculty to disconnect from falsity.