Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Mother Like

A mother like no mother,
She takes it all in her stride.
She just keeps growing stronger.
She’s so fine and she’s my pride.

She’ll cut her hands on broken glass,
If just to shield me from the shards,
Protect me from snakes in the grass,
That’s why I’m her number one fan.

Mama got the heart of a lion;
She’ll stand tall thro the worst drama.
She’s my firm support and pinion.
She’s my hero and I love her.


Monday, December 22, 2014

The Way Christmas Is

How come we always find each other?
Is there a magic in December?
And what’s this feeling I feel inside?
I can tell you feel the same thro your eyes.

That’s just the way Christmas is.
You can’t explain it and I won’t pretend.
I guess it’s just the way the season is
Christmas is magic; it’s all we comprehend.

How come there’s a vibe when we connect?
Like something kicks in genuine and perfect
Is it that nameless emotion fired up?
Making words unnecessary and syncing thoughts?

How come I have you in my radar?
Yet we ain’t met, ain’t e’en together?
I don’t fight it and you’re yielded too.
Time taught us to flow with the attitude.


Saturday, December 20, 2014

We Call It Christmas

We call it Christmas,
Cause only love can love this much.
The whole world is just the two of us,
So let there be love as there’s Christmas.
And I know this much is true,
There is no me without a you.

May I be your fantasy for one minute?
Stand up on my shoulders preview a universe rid of limits.
Come, I can show you where love came down;
Where you can walk on water like on solid ground.

Love has narrated an amazing story
Of compassion’s throes and you are in it.
If you’ll take my hand we’ll erase the night
When two hearts touch the skies and the clouds ignite.

If you’re lost ‘tis the season to be found,
So be bold to hope for the hour is now.
Reach out weak hands in courage and exhale.
Love’s behind you step out, make this your day.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Reason is Right

To give a gift that keeps on giving,
I make a move to keep my pen bleeding.
Until words slide off the page right thro the brain,
As your feelings bind and turn pain into gain.

And the season is ripe.
And the reason is right
To attack you with love this one mo’ time,
And drown your fears in joys of yuletide.

To translate a scene from my heart to paper,
I grope for words that’d flow much deeper.
That long after the paragraph is read,
The vibes will keep your feet sure on the ledge.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Still Christmas

I still live in that silent night,
I still visualize the star as a guide,
I still smell the hay as a cattle shed comes alive,
I still picture you in your spot flashing a smile.

I dare to dream a dream.
I dare to wish upon that ancient star.
I fill my lungs and give a throaty squeal,
To wish you a million merry Christmas
For every single battle scar.

I still hear the herald angels sing;
I still have a dream your moment will come.
I still stand in awe of a Virgin-birth story
And I still believe you will rise like the sun.

So I dare to dream a dream.
I dare to wish upon that ancient star.
I fill my lungs and give a throaty squeal,
To wish you a million merry Christmas
For every single battle scar.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Spare Cards. Spoil People.

I was going to wish you a merry Christmas
Just hop along and deal me a nice, fat breakfast.
That was before I spotted the empty plate and dirty cutlery
Why not come on in and bite a big chunk out of something?

Really, I was about to tell you ‘merry Christmas’
And then hit the warm covers and embrace sweet siesta.
But I couldn’t ignore the thin spread of newspaper on the curbs.
You wanna come in and find a decent spot to lay your head, blood?

I was going to holla compliments of the season,
Then dash out and throw a party with the team.
But that was all before I realized you needed companionship.
So now, you and me we gon’ party like there’s nothing left to give.

I could tell you all the stuff I was going to say
But it’s high time somebody done turned the page.
Time to quit reading the script and do the act;
Spoil people with kindness. Spare the Christmas cards.


Friday, December 12, 2014

Stable Story

I hear your thoughts
Speak to me of a low-down universe.
I get swayed and ask, ‘how can these things be?’
Comes your sweet reply, ‘you can, if you’ll only believe.’

‘I’m crippled by my fears, how can I be strong?’
You answer, ‘There’s no fear in a season made for love.’
‘Does that mean, even for a tramp, no room for bias?’
‘Love was born in a stable why this is Christmas.’

I come as I am
A material witness to an irrefutable plan,
To testify that reality lives inside your hearts.
And if you truly believe that’ll only be a start.


Monday, December 8, 2014


Mandela Forever!

                                    They said it was impossible
                                    But the word don't mean zilch
                                    To eyes that visualize the invisible.
                                    Because to you impossible was less than nothing.
                                    It always seems impossible
                                    Until faith trundles in with the outcome,
                                    Can’t no Robben stall the inevitable,
                                    You proved it when you broke free with a song.
                                    That’s why we call you Mandela!
                                    You are the one true Madiba,
                                    The vindicated Giant of Africa.
                                    Madiba! Mandela! Amandla!