Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 30: Yama!

Courtesy: Taiñ Aleÿea

Yama! (sounds like Yammer) is the Ibibio (one of Nigeria’s several dialects) word for Shine! or Sparkle!

Let all creation hold its peace
And admire the sparkle of a star.
And feel the warmth of your aura as you bling
Show em you aint got no time for drama.

Standing out with you is easy because youre brilliant.
The blackness within gushes through your persona
Igniting your world, guiding the lost in the dark.
It's no wonder they call you peculiar, you're phenomenal.

When you step out you reveal a whole new aspect,
You came a long way and you deserve that respect.
Stayed on your grind until you fine-tuned your style
They thought they figured you out; they was a mile wide.

The verve you pour into your job set you apart.
Your passion; your stand; your actions fire up your swag.
Your pace in a maze is exemplary; you are the ace.
The grace on your face is the preface of a rare race.

Because you are a star.
Cause you have raveled the plan.
Make this world a better place
You create smiles when you blaze...



Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 29: Intimations

Courtesy: Twitter (modified)

To what can I compare mutuality?
With what do I measure its beauty cause it's

Like when a boy loves a girl,
Like when a girl loves a boy.
Like when perfection is given power to exhale,
Like when a beautiful thing comes with a beautiful choice.
Like a life lived in the spotlight
Exonerated from guilt; innocent of strife.
Like a tomorrow sprouting in today's seed.
Like a very present help in the time of need.
Like welcome rain in its season;
Like the sun in the magnificence of rising.
Like details of a mystery that is comprehensive;
Like a captivating view from the right perspective.
Like a newborn baby's toothless smile,
Like a breakthrough after the 99th try,
Like the preview of a new beginning;
Like the climax of a memorable ending.
Like the first lines of romantic poetry;
Like the exquisiteness of Chinese pottery.
Like the denouement of a suspense-filled novel.
Like when concrete is fortified with gravel.
Like when we shed a lone tear of joy;
Like when a child receives a new toy.
Like when the music will never end;
Like when we find a true friend.


Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 28: Rived

Courtesy: Marcus Moller (modified)

Half the chance
That's all I have in this circumstance
I am torn to splinters by the unfortunate drama
But all I do is nod to it like the agama
Cornered by trauma
Like a nail I get hammered
I heard of bitter-sweet experiences
I got a ton of the bitter
But the sweet is lost to my fantasies
I came from the gutter
I ought to be used to stuff like this I garner
I can't see nothing but trouble
I can't break free cause my struggle
Got me trapped in a glass bubble
I arise only to get stumped like a stubble
With every inch of progress I risk popping
Could somebody please tell me something
How do I strive
When I am consistently deprived?
Bruh, all this commotion got my faculty totally rived.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

DAY 27: Anticipate

Courtesy: Caras Ionut (modified)

Hope is the element of surprise
And it's strongest at the bleakest nighttime.
Growing till it blinds the innocent brightness of daylight.
Hope is the multiplier of expectations,
A rope in a maze of confused visions.
It's produce is the breathing essence of life.
Cause hope never dies.
Hope springing high
Rising eternally.
Hope in all his beauty
Holds me captive
Of unalloyed liberty.
Shattering the articles of captivity,
To offset the course of homeostasis.
Hope has called me by name,
Taking me by the hand,
He placed me on the center stage.
But not before rescuing me from the clutches of stagnant shame.
Now I'm lounging in the shade of his pinions
Hosted by expectations in their millions
As from my insides, I sense the eruption
Of a daring nameless emotion
Jaunting me to the verge of individual perfection.
I have been touched by heaven's emissary
You know ama get that by any means necessary.
This code defines my origin.
And as long as I inhale this toxic oxygen
It will remain eternally
The prize I press to achieve, explicitly.