Saturday, August 22, 2015

When We Bleed

If I needed someone
Would you be my redemption?
If I needed 100% and nothing less
Would you offer the best of yourself;
Spooling till there’s nothing left to give?
And would you not do it free and easy

Would you bleed when we bleed to death?
Would you freeze the Atlantic to erase the threat?
Before terror brings a nation of millions to her knees?
Won’t you help us?
While there’s still an “us” breathing oxygen?
Won’t you help us?

If I came crashing down,
Would you catch me before I hit the ground?
If I called to you on a clarion,
Would the answer in the wind convey the nostrum?
Would you walk with me thro a landmine?
Can I trust you with my heart in my darkest night?

Won’t you help us?
Won’t you help us?
Won’t you help us?
Won’t you help us?