Monday, June 20, 2016

Thicker Than Blood

World Refugee Day

I took a ride
In the passenger side
By my best friend’ side
And I got hit by surprise
Like a one-two punch to the side
When the ghastly sights
Paid out in the deep of my mind
Time to do right's never been this tight
As I bend the corner
There's structures scattered from hell to breakfast
School's been out since summer
And don't look like it'll be back by November
We may not stop the rain of leaves in October
But with open arms we can show em it's far from over
Arm in arm as one people we grow stronger
Thro the storm with refugees we stand together

The lives and future of millions
Rest on the pinions of our opinions
They sailed from afar seeking a new Zion
Fleeing a dungeon they once called home
It's our turn to offer them hope
Bring them into the fold initiate a reunion
Give them warm embrace like true companions