Hi! I write fiction and I take my job seriously. I’m single. I live alone. My works tend more towards things that slither by starlight; the fear that feeds on intimations of our mortality. I’m yet to publish a novel, but hope to all in good time.

Someone said, “We have very little understanding of what we have thought until we have submitted those thoughts to others.”

This is the single greatest excuse I possess for sharing this blog with you. Items on writing, personal development and my poetry aside, my fiction is a ride through the dark. An inquisition into the lurking fear we tuck away in the dark recess of the subconscious.

So, if you're ready. Here's my hand, Reader. Together we’ll meet head-on with the silent colossal creeping shadow that grabs for our ankles from under our beds, with cold claws after the lights go out. Possibly, we might have no other choice than to confront this specter where it wields its fiercest terror. In the dark. I can not guarantee either of us, you or I, will witness another sunrise after such hideous experience. Still, we’ll try won’t we?

"We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones"

Eneh Akpan


  1. My name is Isioma Esemene and I am a lover of poetry. got some posted on my blog at www.10knews.blogspot.com. I was here because poetry passed through here. whereever she goes, I follow and I track the seductive goddess that makes the oil to be sweet on the roasted yam. she is mine and I am following. lol

    1. Thanks for visiting, Isioma. And I wish you luck in your pursuit of poetry. ;-)


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