Friday, November 25, 2016

Dream On Wings


If I could steal wings for my dreams
I’d glide and survey the face of the deep,
I’d build a castle of stone in the skies
And strip every mountain of its lofty height.
If I could fling my dreams up to the stars
I’ll erase the sun and illuminate all with my spark,
I’ll rearrange the solar system place a hood on the moon
Then I’ll build a new world of virtue where it’s all good.


Bring Back Yesterday

Bring back yesterday
And with it dreams of better days;
Bring back that moment
When we almost had it all;
Bring back that treatment
Attesting men are capable of love;
Bring back one sweet day,
Make it shine thro our work and play.


The Caged Bird Still Sings


Just in case you ever wondered why
This ball of water yet rotates on its axis
In times like these and men still wear a smile
Tho throttled on the throat by the claws of adversity,
There is a song that spins a web of strength.
Connecting all of God’s creation refueling the spent;
A lilting miracle that nudges exanimate rocks to breathe:
Does it come as a surprise the caged bird still sings?


Fantasies Run Away


I’m gonna let my fantasies run away with me
I’m gonna put my dream in gear and set
My radar on cloud nine, until my dream is complete
I’m going to make a job out of going off on a tangent.
I’m about to run wild, ready to push it off the limits.
Life is a game but there are no codified written rules
I’m about to pull off one son-of-a-gun of a stint
Aim your sights at the skies you’ll see my prophecy.


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Zombie Heaven

If love should pass us by
I won’t blink an eye,
I won’t pretend to cry.
If hope should prove a lie,
I would feign a smile
And pretend to wonder why.

If good should run us down
I won’t make a sound,
And give a run around.
If hate should pull a crowd,
I won’t run my mouth,
My feeling won’t head down south.

If life should deal hard knocks
I won’t give a bad turn;
I won’t ask for potluck.
If courage should quit and die
I’ll just play my cards right
And I’ll return like for like.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Mr. President

Mr. President Barack Obama

How smooth I view you groove
The world moves whenever you move.
Your heart is true, your faith is strong
In you millions found rhythm and a song.

Courage’s snug in the bosom of a true friend
For you elegance has adopted a new name
You ease yourself into a task with pure grace,
You tackle it like it’s a game you was born to play.

And now you’ve gone and added beauty
To the color of black and all of humanity.
I’m cut up to say how you did the things you did,
But boundless time testifies to the glory of your story.


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Glimmer of Forever

I want to live forever.
I want to witness the sun implode,
Watch all that can be shaken collapse.
Spark immortality put mortality on hold.
I want to walk on the stars.
I want to ride meteorites thro galaxies
I want to dip my toes in the moon’s scars
Hold down eternity until nothin mo exists.

I want to breathe indefinitely.
I want to stretch beyond this existence
Into another life that flows infinitely.
I want to evolve and translate my circumstance.
And when I stand on that holy mountain
I want to make sure my name will remain.
I want to bind body, soul and spirit on a tether
Cause I want to live forever.


Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Long Hike

Courtesy: UNHCR (@refugees)/Ivor Prickett
This poem was originally written for the refugee woman who trekked long
distance to be with her man. I couldn't find her picture online so I used this one instead. 😄

My traveling shoes fit me fine.
My feet are kitted like an Olympic athlete’s
I’m all equipped to eat up the miles
No fuss about distance nuthin’ can stop me.
I can only pray my feet don’t fail me now
The cloud’s moving its bowels by the sound
But I’m all covered by passion blind to distraction.
Taking it all in my stride screaming bring it on!
Will I survive will I rise or multiply the lies?
How do I flee slow virus that trusses my mind?

Love, with open arms, waits on the other side of here
His whisper is a special delivery of love to my ears;
The memory of his face is a balm for my blistered feet,
The longing for his embrace is a shade from the heat.
I must go where love goes lovingly mark his footsteps.
Find solace in the warmness of his footprints before
The chill of the nighttime tones it down with its breath.
I’m gon’ keep on pushing until I get what I want
Even tho the road is rough I will not turn away.
If I have to crawl on bended knees I won’t hesitate.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Heaven Touching, Hell Razing

Let the universe hold still for a few moments
And know why the caged bird sings lost in torment.
Let the walls of this mortal earth
Touch heaven and raze hell’s fiery depth.
It’s an hero’s welcome for sons who earned respect
Returning with refined dreams,
Bringing in the sheaves doubtless rejoicing.

Say to those crippled in their souls, Arise!
Wipe the last tear from off your eye.
It’s the restoration of all things.
Equality and his work party have set us free.
Let the sun run its course announcing to every nation:
“The proudest and greatest race revives true redemption.”

Bow to the wind of change pompous trees.
Sing for joy all you Savannah anthills.
Hide your faces in utter shame destroying mountains
For this lil’ ones shall be frightened, never again.
And in this place where we were called slaves,
We’ll bring back the hour and with it glory regained.


Where Sunshine Darkens

Courtesy: Somewhere on Blogger

You can’t tell me
The various shades of misery
I’ve seen enough for myself
So you can’t show me
The way around its gardens
I trod those forbidden paths myself
I’ve experienced the land where sunshine darkens
I’ve wiped sweats of death off my brow
My spot in this existence is a shroud
An untapped resource of sorrow
With no promise of tomorrow.
I have walked the streets of the ghetto,
Traveled the well-beaten paths of unhope,
And I got no respect for intellectual duplicity;
Education is expensive.


Hearts of Men

Pain resides in the hearts of men.
Like water in a coconut shell
Bitterness is gone deep-rooting
Self-appointed denizen of the inner dwelling.
Madness beget madmen
Indifference has made all a poor specimen.
It’s the wake of corruption,
Evil’s a looming mountain shading the constellation.
Blinded by apathy
Men yield their hearts to captivity.
Living behind a mask that conceals their yielding
To disease that torment the human soul
Impossible to console.


Saturday, November 12, 2016

Refugee Nation

Yolande Mabika member of the first Team Refugees
displaying the Refugee Olympic Team flag

Sometimes I wish I was a refugee
I wish I can dip my toe in strange soil,
Claim the skies and build a world without boundaries.
In a strange land to raise redemption’s song
Hauled on the buzz of people who’ve lost everything
Yet invested with the greatest of gifts, I’ll rise
Above the fears and doubts and corruption of beauty.
And I’d relish the right of giving one lifetime twice.

My very own second shot at making first impression,
I’ll devastate captivity and make an art of destruction.
I’ve waded a hundred rivers of hurt, fears and blood but
The yet uncharted rivers will carve pinions for my cross.
Raison d'être tossed in war opens up to freedom’s porch
I could almost engage it cause it’s breaking with the dawn.
All the virtues I’d have been busting loose in a fresh me.
Sometimes I wish I was a refugee.


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Still I Try

I aint there yet.
I aint even trying to think that
Ama get there before my death.
But I press forward beyond my past
And still I try.

This is not about failing,
I aint scared of that idea
Cause it takes skill to handle falling
And since I believe impossible is a dare,
Still I try.

If it was easy nobody would give up
Even if they did I’ll never find my strength
If I never give challenges my best shot.
I’ll tackle the pedal with my last breath
And still I try.

I want to set the record straight,
Try my hands on anything my heart beats for
Stay on my grind until I get paid.
I know my struggles may not amount to much
But still I try.

Still I try
I don’t want any regret at the end of my life.
Still I try
I understand failure means not trying.
Still I try
To know a thing’s worth I gatto make it work.
Still I try
The sweetest feats are those won by endeavor.
Still I try.


Never Break

Syrian Refugee Woman and Child
Courtesy: UNHCR

We will never break.
We won’t bow to fear.
We will face the rain.
We won’t spare a tear
We will raise our song;
We will dare the storm.
We will break a wall,
We will rule the world.

Can you hear us now?
Can you hear our shout?
Can you drown a crowd?
Can you hear us now?

We will never break.
We was born to reign.
We got what it takes,
We control this space.
You can bring the pain,
We will weave it to gain.
We will rock this punt,
We will shock the world.

Can you hear us now?
Can you hear our shout?
Can you drown a crowd?
Can you hear us now?

Can you hear us now?
Can you hear us now?

We will never break
We’ll dance till earth quakes.