What we have here are my escapades into the realm of poetry.

NaPoWriMo is short for National Poetry Writing Month and that in turn stands for an international poetry challenge which comes up on April of every year. You may sign on up on their website at NaPoWriMo.

Day 27: Lifestyle (II)
Day 26: Lifestyle (I)
Day 25: Glass Ceiling
Day 24: Seed
Day 23: Live A Lie (II)
Day 22: Live A Lie (I)
Day 21: Creed
Day 20: Ain't Dead Yet
Day 19: Emerge
Day 18: Go To War
Day 17: One Black Body
Day 16: Still Standing
Day 13: I Ain't
Day 12: Coded
Day 11: Battlefield
Day 10: Sick n' Tired
Day 8: Painted
Day 7: Strobelight
Day 6: I Am
Day 5: Drama
Day 4: Ka
Day 2: Cupid's Fall
Day 1: Peanuts

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