Sunday, April 30, 2017

Day 30: One Nine Five

Photo Courtesy: Twitter: @biz-life lines

Boko Haram your plot’s gone live.
I blew you out of the water
Might as well halt your mass slaughter.

Had to spread the message: ‘Pot is scum;’
So you blew up school kids in Potiskum,
So what’s the 411 on 195?

Could ‘5’ represent the month of May?
And the 19 be your anticipated doomsday?
Is your plan to copy the 1928 Mather Mine explosion?*
Where 195 miners out of 279 met their creator?
Gonna blow the 195 Chibok girls straight to oblivion?
Stage your final stand with rivers of innocent blood?
I know you’re up to something
And I don’t like sounding negative.
But I feel like I’ve done the math.
195 corresponds to, I think,
The sum total of NYC’s terror attacks
Since the incident of September eleven.**

They pitched the first Chibok escapees at fifty seven;***
That’s roughly the count of IED incidents in NYC.****
Did you plot the schoolgirls’ escape to begin with?
So you’ll give false hope to the many who believe?

But we’ll yield no quarter to defeat.
We are the champions of our destiny.
Would be the symbol of our triumphant fight.


* The Mather Mine disaster refers to the events surrounding an explosion that occurred in the Mather Mine on May 19, 1928 in Mather, Pennsylvania.