Sunday, October 23, 2016

Houdini Girl

When Yusra Houdini (I mean Mardini) fled from Syria to Europe, her boat’s engine died and it began to take on water, Yusra pushed the boat towards Greece for 3.5 hours. She swam for her life and lived to swim for the first Refugee Olympic Team (ROT) at the Rio Olympics.

They all could have gone to heaven in a lil’ rowboat
Fetching the blind denouement to lives built on tragedies.
They thought it was the end of a beautiful anecdote
But your charm and grace brought a twist to the story,
Plotting a route thro troubled waters like a sea creature
You were the courage-fueled motor that found a landfall,
A personality having in herself facility to produce light.
Hardiness of your heart has percolated into souls to ignite
And crystallize minds that otherwise was habitat to despair.
You are the dream and the hope of 21 million battle-scarred.