Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Road Most Traveled


One road forked at the intersection
Like a Y with its own wherefore.
There, perched on the tail of the twin lanes,
Drenched to the leather of my skin,
I was found yet lost in the chance game.
But it wasn’t as tough as it seemed;
I’ve been here before and I’ll be back.
My whole life has been shaped on this track,
I’m versed in it like the lines on my palm,
Every gravel, pothole and streetlamp.
There’s nobody knows me like the road.
If I should stray, the road will find me
And hold me and point me towards home.
I’m always on the road even in
The darkest part of the darkest cove.
It’s beaten its path thro an alley;
I rode its trail right thro a valley,
On the road, flung on the wings of love,
I foray into a strange matchless world.
I’ve caught thorns with the sole of my feet,
But the road’s been faithful thro the heat.
Even if prospects turn bleak I’ll go.
Two roads, two destinations, one me;
The road most traveled takes me home.