Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Face the World

I’ve known pain so deep,
My feet’s trodden paths so steep,
I’ve gone nights without sleep,
So I face the wall and weep.

I’ve strayed wide like sheep,
Hope’s a shroud I wish I’d peep,
I lost all but one tweep,
So I face the wall and weep.

But my time will come,
That’s what I believe,
The one thing that’s sure,
When I face the world and be.


Small Chance


If we turn we might see the sun set
On the remnant days of our short lives.
We might stand a small chance for redress.
But how could we have straddled those lies?
We and our cut up self importance;
Knowing everything but believing nothing.
We shape shift like water in a glass,
Trading dignity for hypocrisy,
We live for now denying tomorrow.
Our days are ephemeral like plumes of smoke.
We crossed bridges burned down the wrong ones,
Our tale’s cut out of a horror plot.
If we must reclaim the troves we lost,
We gatto stand up and make a choice;
We wandered far from home and purpose.
We must retrace our steps find our groove.
We can grow from concrete like a rose,
Dig deep and find new strength from our roots.


Game Maintained


It doesn’t feel the same,
Even the winds have changed,
Sun rays sometimes bleed rain,
Still my game I maintain.

I pick it up and cruise,
My rhythm still rings true,
And if the skies aint blue,
Ama keep tumbling thro.

Hope triumphs when you invest
Your time, your mind, your best
I aint gon’ fail the test,
I visualize the conquest.

If evil pours like rain,
Sailin’ the wind like pollen grain,
Ama cast off restraint,
And ride like a hell train.


Sentient Dreams


My whole life I’ve been haunted
By everything I’ve ever wanted.

I have walked in its shadow,
I have fed on its life force,
I’ve worn it like a cassock.
It’s my own omen of hope.
Here I stand one as many
Knowing my life is secure
By the standards I have set,
Still that doesn’t make it a ball.

I’ve learned the choices we make
Can hold us captive like slaves,
They can turn on us like beasts
And rip us to shreds like adversaries.
So I chase after these things,
Yet I am not yielded to them.
I’ve put a leash on the beast,
But it’s got me by the helm.

It dictates my attitude
I can’t not dance to its tune.
But I mustn’t let myself down.
I must stand out from the crowd.
So I hang on with one hand,
With the other I withstand.
I’m watching out for myself
Trying for not tripping on my leg.

I am into my dreams deep;
They chase me into my sleep,
I’m rooting for who I am,
Yet scared stiff of being the man.

My entire life I’ve wanted
By the very things I’ve always haunted.