Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Somebody Like Me

I don’t want what you have.
I don’t want who you are.
I wanna go places somebody like me
Ought not to have access to,
I wanna try for feats somebody like me
Is not expected to amount to,
I wanna aspire to levels somebody like me
Should never claim the right to rise to.

I don’t want what you offer.
I don’t covet what you prefer.
I just wanna dream dreams somebody like me
Wouldn’t waste a wink to dream,
I wanna walk paths that for somebody like me
Would be considered trespassing,
I wanna think big thoughts folks like me
Are too bird-brained to create mentally.

I don’t care how you feel.
I don’t dig what you dig.
I just wanna do stuff studs like me
Would fetch a scream for trying for,
I wanna make it to the mountaintop.
I wanna take charge of my destiny.
I wanna ride the neck of the wind.
I wanna break rules unlike somebody like me.


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Mushroom Boon

I just wanna take the time to wish you blessing
The variety that proceeds from peculiar lessons,
That point where you can trade your pain for gain,
And still reach out in the rain and capture change.

Yeah, I wanna wish you a happy new year.
I’m sending this shout out cause I really care.
I pray your joys and victories will mushroom,
And may you be geared up when they find you.