Wednesday, April 4, 2012


After rain
…comes sunshine.
Don’t get yourself caught up on cloud nine
Cause the sun of revolution
Rises like the coming of the phoenix.
It’s the thrust of a new beginning.

After rain
…comes sunshine.
The storm done pulled me closer to the shoreline.
This feeling tells me I can make it
Riding the same wavelength with my inner mystery.

After rain
…comes sunshine.
I welcome the fierceness of a strong morning light
The positivity comes off me in waves.
This is my day.
Still I’ll have my surprise
And wake into the freshness of a startling day.

After rain
…comes sunshine
An incursion of the elemental sublime.
I exhale in the psychological moment;
I have climaxed the denouement.

After rain
…comes sunshine
Where dreams and purposes are immortalized.
My heart beats in rhythm with destiny
My soul thrives fueled by a measure of desperate intensity.

After rain
…comes sunshine
Trundling straight thro’ the pipeline.
The darkness is disappearin’
Strange, scary shadows start vanishing
It’s the seven-day theory.

After rain
…comes sunshine.
My spirit shines thro’ like silver seven times refined
I live for moments like these.
Lift up a victory ditty,
Celebrate and salute the sign of a success story.
The clouds bring rain
And the mask hides away the pain
Still I strive beyond the veil
Cause after the fire comes rain comes sunshine
And next I git mine.


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