Monday, April 2, 2012

Cupid's Fall

The tears from Cupid’s eyes
Spring a brook of love’s loss.
Scars of yesterday’s hurt therein immortalized.
Open wounds of the beloved’s pus’d.
Sour grapes of romance set the moment on edge
Its acid burns out the soul of ecstasy.

Hate is the lover’s pledge;
Spraying venom with spasms of elegiac intensity.
In times like these the heart is unsafe haven,
Cupid’s quiver is filled with broken arrows.
And the strings of his bow took a ten.

An ocean of tears divides the lover from reality
For the fool will barely admit, ‘love has moved on.’
Despair forms a chain-wall much like the Appalachians.

Emotion’s strung
On dead and buried rapturous eruptions;
Curses of exploited seductions.
Strange fires, unknown of passion, flair in the locus of feelings
As love marches out on tainted dignity in the procession of rust.
Tears and sorrow intervolve like waters of the Rivers Benue and Niger.

An unnerving merger.
Philia’s spirit is crushed;
The inner personae shelled;
The verdict is rushed;
The omen casts a spell;
Tenderness breaks the embrace;
Affection explodes and scatters into galactic space;

Love fails.

Spliced bonds sliced.
Mutuality is misunderstood
And the masterstroke is mortified.
The soul aches;
The man on the inside is raped in a psychological cave by
boorish flashbacks.
Hurt memories multiplied like Sahara's dunes.
Magnified gloom bears the fangs
In the legend of love’s ruin.

The beloved aches for the lover,
The lover’s heart beholds a stranger.

Déjà Vu
Would the streams forever flow?
Set up a panel for the review.
Hasten Cupid! Restring thy bow!


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