Saturday, April 7, 2012


From the North
An army as commoving as the Harmattan
Declare the arrival of Nok-
A procession of Kemetian titans
Aiming history like a weapon.
Conquering warriors of the tribal divide.

Sons of nativity;
These have been charged with Time’s keeping.
Ancestral progeny
As complete as the effects of a skilled hunter.
They traverse the spine of the Nile
Like lost things marked for the macabre
Till the time of their appearing steps in the strobelight.

Storm clouds of inventive revolutionists muster.
From the Cape of the Town souljas arise
And stand or their history dies.

How are the mighty risen!
Heroes of Sheba origin
Gaining on destiny with chants of ancient ditties.
Men acquainted with courage rooted in the morning of creation.

To fear is abomination.
Dark-skinned, pure hearts;
A rare species of men divinely gifted.
Charged by purpose.
Armed with a pen
Until a darkened history be rewritten
And perhaps, relived with renewed vigor.

Sound the gongs of war!
Behold men and women not used to breaking tradition:
A custom seeded in the release of genius.

Weave a dance, therefore,
To celebrate the home-coming of our champions;
Offspring of past tumult.

Souls who are decided and will remember
The ways of their fathers and mothers.
Deserving reverence reserved for gods alone,
Whose very lives point the way home.

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