Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Go To War

If we don't stand now, we sacrifice a child's future. There's a kind of war not fought with weapons but with the heart.

Authorize no mountain to trap you downbound
Neither life’s pomp nor circumstance toss you around.
Gatto keep up the struggle, Brown.
Don’t let a nobody feeling lock you downtown-
You know how it is,
You know where it pinches-
It’s time you set ‘em straight, friend
That you gonna

They ain’t seen nothing, yet,
Just bet.
One last hurdle and it’ll declare who the greatest.
Honor before death.
Bow down to no threat
As you reach to bridge the chasm forged by fear
And while you’re at it giving ‘em a good scare-
Show ‘em who the man-

You know better than procrastinating
While time is tick-tocking
And the arsenal of opportunity is smokin’ n tokin’.
Heard you say you was a one man army.
I’d love to have you convince me;
Step to it.
It’s your call. Run with it.
If you have been kicked around a few
Make that ambition walk n talk, why don’t you?
Make demands and

Wouldn’t hurt if you backed that up
With a fight and never give up
On you.
What’s that you got in your hand?
You can use that, too.
This ain’t no time for quitting
Get your butt up and take it.
If you got the world on your shoulder,
Boy, quit playing and keep it together.
Leave indecision bleeding in the gutter.
You’re wasted flowing downstream with the crowd.
Yea, that’s what I’m talking about;
Get with the program,

Unlock the portals of fecundity;
Step into the navel of genius;
Act with a degree of desperate creativity;
Take the helm and set your life on course.
Go to war;
Hell raising isn’t outlawed.
Skyrocket your dreams to the peak;
Initiate an unbroken winning streak.
Take the risk of being tagged a geek
For peculiarity; your own special trick.
In every act you do
Here’s a thought and it’s a tool:
No man can ride your back when you’re standing
Now that you’ve come into the light,
Rise from the dark and desolate valley
To a land of promising delight.
Be a man;

Walk the walk,
Talk the talk,
Aim your will like a dart
And hit it off the chart.
Confess it. Profess it. Invest it.
A quitter never wins.
Nothing can shake that premise.
Victory was the plan.
So having done all you can . . .


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