Monday, October 15, 2012

The Importance of Journaling

It would be a long time coming before tablet phones and notebooks take the place of traditional journaling.

Physical notebooks (compared to notebook apps) are practically indispensable. Your journal is where you live, where your writing–the skeletal impressions of a new idea begins to take shape. So, it ought to have a feel of home to your thoughts.

You won’t believe the speed at which thoughts vaporize. It’s only natural to grab for your notebook the moment an idea strikes a chord and jot it down. When you get home, you can go through your notes and see what’s worth developing. Many of your jots would be piecemeal but you’ll be amazed what the few that do work will turn into.

Creative thoughts are expensive and it’s careless to stow them away on the shelf of memory.

Committing thoughts to paper gives you a privilege you otherwise could not afford. The opportunity to view your ideas with your eyes, your physical eyes. Now, you can better work your way into the flow of the words and see where it leads. Your thoughts are way out there in the thick of the forest and tracking them down in your journal brings them home to you.

There’s always a chance to experiment with your ideas and imagination.

Ideas spring up every time seemingly, out of nowhere. Sometimes, it might be about a subject you’ve been meaning to rip apart and here you are in no man’s land with no way to get home (you’re not even certain you’ll remember when you do get home) on time and do your scribbling and you are stormed by a crazy bout of inspiration.

You won’t always have the luxury of paper towels to write on in an emergency and it’s possible to lose a brilliant idea without a notebook at hand.

Journaling is also about piling up intriguing stuff from your trips and saving interesting overheard conversations. It might even be the recording of a brilliant total recall of a past event, which you might improvise on at a later time in personal essays.

Notebooks are the best pals of serious writers. Never leave home without one.

Keep your pen bleeding.


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