Sunday, April 9, 2017

Day 9: Touching Feelings

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If I had faith to move mountains,
I’d lay my cards on the table,
And build a rock from a fountain.
I’ll ride a geyser to heaven
Then I’ll glide on wings of angels.

If I had faith to part the sea,
I’d work wonders mankind will tell;
I’ll do things folks aint ever seen.
I’ll speak to the wind and foretell
Every tomorrow scene by scene.

If I had faith to break thro walls,
I’d remake the earth rid of wars.
I’ll give the three elements charge
Over all emotions corrupt
By the nature of man at large.

If I had faith to touch feelings,
I’d touch new hearts every minute,
I’ll put a shine on all faces
And carry the weak in the streets.
I’ll be there to bleed when they bleed.


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