Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Day 26: Champ

President Buhari (Nigeria) withe the 21 released Chibok girls
Photo Courtesy: Sahara Reporters

Shudda killed me when you had your chance.
Now I’m the champion of my circumstance.
The things I pulled thro made me stronger.
Who’s talking surviving when I’m thriving?
Head held up high I’m goal minding;
I have been scorched but it refined me,
I’ve been pressed down but it bought me victory,
I got the rage of a mother bear,
And for me impossible is a dare.
Shudda taken that shot but no mo,
The dragon unleashed let passion flow.
My vision’s clearer, art of war mastered,
You made my skin thicker than leather.
My heart’s learned to weather the weather.
I waded in the flood, walked thro the fire,
I shudda died when you had your chance.
I’m a tougher girl forged by my desire,
Guess I got potentials that work in champs.


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