Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Day 11: Why Not Me?

Photo Courtesy: pageresource.com

Thunder rolls all around me
I hear storm clouds gathering
This burden would squash a man under;
My labors would make Hercules wonder.

Then I survey the possibility
Of my misery on somebody stronger
But I can only ask, “Why not me?”

The man I would be attracts hate.
But then I look around and see fate.
Aint nobody there to lend a hand
Everybody just misunderstand.

Then I survey the possibility
Of my drama on some other brother
And I think to myself, “Why not me?”

Why the hell would somebody else be me?
Which person in this world could I be?
What do I stand to gain without pain?
Could I be refined without the fire?

Then I survey the possibility
Of my pains on a total stranger
So I yield and say, “Why not me?”


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