Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Day 19: Setbacks

Photo Courtesy: somewhere on the cyberspace

I know there are mistakes that must be made,
If a man must claim mastery of his game.
That’s why some things will never be the same;
Even if hell freezes over things change.

I’ll pick up the pieces and lay ‘em straight,
Fix each to its own piece, the road is strait.
Time I made my break away from this strain;
Gatto crack this zone things are turning strange.

I know there are stories I must rewrite
If faded glories could dare reignite.
I’ll stay on my grind and try for contrite.
I know what I’ll find may be wrong or right.

I’ll piece together the little setbacks
And hustle harder till I’m back on track.
This is my path home even tho it’s dark,
I’ll reset the tone and renew the spark.


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