Thursday, April 6, 2017

Day 6: Healing of the Years

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It has taken me years
But I’ve been afforded ample time
To measure the weight of those tears.
The clarity shone like litmus dipped in lime.
I’ve cast my net into strange waters,
Trussed the tug of the undercurrent.
I’ve thrown wide open my mind’s shutters
And got sucked then tossed by the torrent.
I have breached the end of everything;
And tasted the fullness of nothing.
The burden I bore; the yoke I wore,
Like ice exposed to sunlight has thawed.
Aloneness ate up loneliness,
My feelings grew their own sentience.
I almost gave it all up.
But something wouldn’t give me up
For the world, so I dried my tears,
And healing gushed in riding the years.


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