Saturday, July 18, 2015


Dad passed away on first of July, 1995
He is my very own superhero. This poem is to his memory.

You stirred a flare for reading in me.
I recall crawling into the confines of your private library
Hounded by classics assuming names tricky to remember
Sometimes I call up images of your cloth-bound hardcovers;
‘On Aggression;’ ‘Try Anything Once;’ and ‘The Governor.’
On every first page a date underlined your peculiar signature.
I still picture you waving ‘English Without Tears’ in my view.
It’s hard to visualize I rode your backtrail without meaning to
Most amazing of all is how you honed my obsession for books
Makes me proud I was raised on books by an uneducated you.

I wish I could paint your face on cosmic canvas
Convey to the world your unique colors.
I wish I could spray your qualities over the horizon
In smoke Dad, may I do the sweet honors?
I got this feeling where my heart resides
That when we meet again away from this body
I’d have earned the privilege to look into your eyes
And say simply but firmly, “I am my father’s kid.”
Meanwhile, I hope it would delight you to know
That I have etched your face on everlasting stone.


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