Wednesday, July 1, 2015

First of July

Rev. Akpan Sam Akpan
My father who I called Sir, passed away on July 1st, 1995.
This verse of poetry is dedicated to his memory.

I’d like to tell you a thing about this man I called ‘father.’
Take a seat, cross your legs yeah, make your burdens lighter.
He moved on 20 0dd years ago but still I found no other;
There’s nobody can claim my father’s place no, not ever.

Let me tell you how he gave my story a new vista.
Walk you step by step thru the genius of a master.
I really wish you met him; you’d have been bettered.
He made me the man I am so I can defeat life’s drama.

He was the kind of man who redefined ‘phenomenal.’
A man who stood by his word thru fire and thunder;
Always made time for me; he was there for my brothers.
He was a kind man who never raised his voice at Mama.

I wish you knew the story of the man I called father.
You’d battle lions wearing smiles as wide as summer.
He was the greatest of them all; a true-born soulja.
In him I found my hero, now, always and forever.


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