Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Card #4: Discarded ft. Patti La Belle

Patti La Belle

‘Tis the season to be jolly
But how can I be when I have nobody?
A silent night, I know it’s gonna be
Joy to the world but it’s gone be sad for me
                             Patti La Belle,
                             What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas?

‘This is December!’
Said the kid with the stainless steel bowl.

‘This is December!’
He repeated, as if to confirm the elementary deduction.
‘And I can’t quite recall the last time I was with family.’

The cold twilit December draft dug its claws into his flesh
That tainted Christmas Eve. 

‘I wish I had a family.
God, I wish I had a cat, a dog . . .
‘Some pet to keep me company,’
The beggar boy moaned.

But all he had was his stainless steel bowl
And the enthusiastic voices chanting carols
As he filled his spot on the stoop
Of the Church of St. Luke.


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