Thursday, December 31, 2015

Built on Tragedies

Courtesy: UNHCR (@Refugees)
Mother and child, refugees from South
Sudan find pleasure in each other.

Before my time
I was conceived to multiply
And increase the influence of genius
In a realm where ignorance is surplus.
A mystery dispatched from the stars
By special delivery to inspire mortal hearts.
Like the stirring of intuition;
Like a premature seed piercing a rock
To introduce a forest of inventions.
My mission is born.

Before my time
I was conceived to multiply.
Perceived by the multitude
As the oasis of the promise;
I triumph still without excuse.
Sifting reality from chaff of fantasies.
I evoke wide jaws
Like a foetus
Fulfilling biblical prophecy.
As I ride the rage of the storm in timeless majesty.