Thursday, October 1, 2015

Noble Cause

Updated: October. 8th.2015

I’m gonna fill the follicles of forever flaunting this fine moment,
Paste your name to eternity like the stars on the firmament.
I’m gon’ wring out the grime while I grind on your ingenuity,
Strive for the stupendous and stack syllables to share your story.

You are one hell of a survivor I want to take you up on the exhale.
You are spectacular it is such fun to be sprung on a stunning you.
I have found home lives in you so I pledge to sustain your fame.
There aint nothing makes me prouder n’ to bleed my pen for you.

I want to hymn the appeal of your seeds; the lost and the bombed,
This moment bonded us in ways far beyond what we could picture,
That’s why I stand up for your tomorrow; it’s death before dishonor,
I need no other argument I have found my one solitary noble cause.