Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 23: Loser

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Everybody loves you,
Everybody is a friend.
They all smile at you displaying affected virtue
And promise to be there to the end.
Cause to every request
You always give a yes!
You live for everybody.
And everybody lives for you.
You never exercise a personal will
You forget what it means to be confused.
But you are being used.
You can’t even accept the reality,
You would rather turn the other cheek;
They hurt you and you laugh
But within you cry.
They shred your life in half,
You stand back and feign a smile.
You cringe at a suggestion of slander
So you friend every hypocritical mole.
If you only knew better,
You would never really walk alone anymore.
Nevertheless, on the shores of the majority’s choice
You have laid down the oars of a personal voice.
It’s no big wonder
You was the all time loser.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 22: Nemesis

Muhammad Ali

I have read and disagree with the terms and conditions.
This lil rat pack obviously, don't dig my notion.
I got eyes only for better things;
A ghetto kid like me
Set this terrestrial ball rolling off its axis
I've been geared up by unceasing practice.
Nurture by its working toughened
The skin of my heart.
By the good by I stand unruffled
When things fall apart.
The world asleep on my shoulder
But deep in the heart of my soul I grow stronger.
You could say I got Divinity's immunity.
Cause the hardness which, promised mortal mutiny
Now lay low at the feet of defeat.
Sometimes, when I lift up my eyes
I can feel it as heaven smiles
Down on the ambitions of an unsigned hype.
My goals are ever before me.
The darkness dims as my purpose starts exploding
In tune with the exotic.
Multiplying is basic,
And the world will yet see me riding adversity's wings
When I tame it by wild superiority and wean it.
That is a promise
As inevitable as nemesis.


Monday, April 21, 2014

Day 21: Barriers

The barriers to ambition are made of iron not glass
And it don't matter what deep-seated opinions one has
These things are as natural as dewdrops on ears of grass.
If one does not invest the rage of a caged animal,
He cannot exist and experience the phenomenal.
And I'm not talking ability
But a shade of persistence which visualizes the terminal
While yet, traveling the realm of impossibility.
Life can sometimes, be a penitentiary
Just like the levels of achievement require an itinerary.
The corridors that lead to a breakthrough
May alter you but you must not let it reduce
The individual within. Resist all compromise
And let hard-boiled determination fuel your mind.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 20: Insensitivity

Courtesy: Jo Jackson 

When the lil stars lose their flicker
And we sparsely wonder;
When nameless emotions dicker
With our recesses ripping spirit and soul asunder;
At such times when abominable taboos ride
On the voice of perception inside;
When the caged bird cannot invent a tune;
When the phoenix will not resurrect
From the ashes of its ruin;
In a time when peace will corrupt
And the depravity daily renewed;
When the falcon pays no heed to the falconer,
Love becomes expendable as loss,
Great gain is offspring of lust.
Leaders abuse authority,
Ghettos are the symbol of class inferiority.
When baby boys end up in some guys refrigerators,
We all have become callous and casual conspirators.
These are the times which we all live in
And respond to and have obtained a most crafty insensitivity.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 19: Oddball

Rules are broken
To create an access into fresh token.
As curiosity conveys us across the threshold, we see
The law of creativity
Is without constraints.
And the workspace of ingenuity
Is a whole yard of opportunity and space.
When the individual violates a code of conduct,
And by that simple act experiences release,
We discover the significance of being the oddball
In the instructions insufficiency.
Thus, is life itself a reinventing of a process
Which conceals its expression in subtle evasiveness.
Eventually, things by all accounts, adverse
Contribute their part to recreate our universe,
By consistently etching prints of originality,
Like a picture painted with oil on canvas,
On an individuals bold divergent thinking.


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