Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Phenomenal Man

My Father: The Phenomenal Man;
husband, father, uncle, brother, grandfather

I like to think of you as my very own superhero,
As the one who had my back from ground zero.
You had a charm about you it made you a special person;
A quality that set the strobe light on you lost in a crowd.
I’d love to hear the timbre of your voice while I give a listen;
The man I lost dishing the man I am the lowdown.
You commanded respect so crystal folks perceived it.
You were a gift to this world and I only wish they knew it.

I’ve always wondered what it takes
To stamp a foot in the prints you left behind.
It never fails to amaze me how you raised the stakes
When you presented the gift of your champion mind,
You had the inbuilt timing which made your moves flawless.
You knew the right words and the fact made me speechless.
You set a standard from which a young dream was launched.
You didn’t assert perfection but you gave it all your best shot.