Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 15: Story

Courtesy: stumbleupon (modified)

This is my story:
Exalted by the riches of poverty
To a stunning ledge of breathtaking wonders
Where I stand and survey wealth by fear conquered.
Steeped into iniquity from birth
It doesnt alter the fact Ive been programmed from the start.
Unhurried in rising but mounted on pinions.
Like a solitary tear of joy,
Lonely but never in despair.
I stand boldly before forces harmless to destroy
Reconstructing the ruins of hope deferred
Stirring up into fiercest flame a dying flair.
The difference of one man
Raising an army as vast as the dunes of the Sahara,
Accomplishing the soul's singular errand.
Until my job is done,
Until I come through with a song,
I can't back down.
I'm not gonna pack up and leave town.
I gatto keep standing strong
Until my strength is used up.
Cause it won't be long
Before my story is told,
Before an army that would overturn the world
Is raised from the rubble
By the simple details of my struggle.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 14: Soulja

Original Art: ZhiPeng Song (modified by me)

Heroes get remembered
But legends never die.
I have called you legend, soulja
Now I assert theres no reason to deny.
You rode the back trail of the heroes past,
Went a step further and raised the bar.

As reality forges itself into form
It calls forth a nation of soul discipline,
A people of matchless culture
Of an especial variety of novelty.
A race hacked off the phenomenal,
A generation raised by the supernatural.

Among these, you shall not find the wanton
Neither the rash of heart.
A species of individuality, not hard-bitten
But, a man who plays his part.
Their genius flows like a stream
Their creativity like a mighty river.

These are todays hope and dream
Bearing gifts like arrows in a warriors quiver.
Borne on the wings of faith
They soar effortlessly, in grace,
Above every imaginable restraint.
True-born souljas who never break rank

Armed with ambition for armored tank.
In the gathering of the eagles,
An army of souljas who are above all, regal.
As overwhelming as sand on the seashore,
Survivors of the sickest ill turn;
Legends vocalizing with the voice of one.


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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 13: Labyrinth

Courtesy: ZhiPeng Song (modified)

Like a chapter starting up in a children's story,
The details of my life unfold rid of glory,
Existing as indifferent as the stars,
Evanescing as calligraphy carved on the waters.

It's fleeting like debris swept off by strong current.
Constrained and consistently living on the edge of torment.
Rising and falling with time's own waves.
Like the route through a labyrinth, you can't map its ways.

Like a memory that ought to stay dead confounds us
Awaking again like a mummy defying the confines of its sarcophagus
Evoking that sunken sensation that won't go away.
Here lies a star fallen, lost, confused and above all played.

All at once, like dried up leaf which photosynthesizes still,
Hope arrived stamped on the wind like a seal,
Consuming all I am springing high like the tide.
Spectacular like an old fight birthing a new life.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day 12: Dust

Courtesy: stumbleupon (Slightly modified)

Did you wanna see me broken?
Crumbling to the cruel phrases that was spoken?
You didn't really believe I'd fall for such stunt, did you?
That I'd be face down and my vision blurred by a deluge?

I am no figment of your fickle imagination,
Neither some byproduct of your naive mental evaluation.
Description of me couldn't fit your trite tongue.
So you darn well stay where you belong.

Pluck the speck from your eyeball,
Quit doubting and observe, as my change sets ashore
Like a loaded pregnant camel through a needle's eye.
Learn of me and be chastised.

It's not enough to have all the world as back up
Hiding behind the voices of the crowd, playing God.
For in the event of my demise
A million seeds will arise.

You may deride me all you want
You may cut my soul with hateful words
Then trample me. Yet am I not undone
I rise to the occasion like trodden dust.


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Friday, April 11, 2014

Day 11: Incorruptible

Born of the incorruptible
I stand immovable
On the center stage.
Trussing every brainchild of pain.
Branch of a reserved race
I rise still above undeserved disgrace.
I am the sum total of the races identity.
I stand astride on the platform of time
Spitting prophecy that demands history's delicate hands to unwind.
Today is my time;
Tomorrow is my time;
And yesterday, I was doing just fine.

Cause like the Cosmic Sun, I abide.
I came forth from creation's belly.
Inferior to no man.
I'm holding down my game steady.
Everything else falls in line with my program.
There ain't nothing to be ashamed of about my origin,
I am denizen of the kingdom of Destiny.
I am a man.
If only you had eyes to perceive the plan
I am positive you'd be amazed;
I am fearfully and wonderfully made.


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